Probate Litigation

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Litigation should be a last resort.  I think that most conflicts are best resolved without getting the court involved, but when conflicts arise between family members, trustees, executors, or beneficiaries, I provide swift and cost-effective representation to resolve disputes, including:

  • -Representing beneficiaries seeking to invalidate wills or trusts on the grounds of  fraud, lack of capacity, undue influence, or on the grounds that the alleged recipient  of the assets is a prohibited beneficiary.
  • -Defending trustees against allegations of breach of fiduciary duty, as well as  representing beneficiaries with claims against trustees over fees, failures to act, or  wasting of trust assets.
  • -Advocating for parties in proceedings to interpret ambiguous or inconsistent terms  in wills or trusts.
  • -Representing beneficiaries, executors and creditors appearing in probate court.
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